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Buying tips to derive the best kitchen faucet

With the kitchen playing an important role in the home and being the place where the lady of the house spends a good amount of time cooking delicious food for the family, it becomes necessary for upgradation. The modern, sophisticated kitchen is one that offers greater conveniences and comfort to the user. Using Pull Out Kitchen Faucet will be a wonderful idea to enjoy working in the kitchen without any inconvenience. The stylish and durable kitchen faucet needs to be one that blends aesthetics and function perfectly. The well designed faucet is sure to make life much more easy and comfortable. Having durable finish and excellent valve mechanism is sure to boost looks and longevity.

best kitchen faucet

Some essential steps to select the best kitchen faucet
With some guidance and research, it is possible to find the top quality faucet for the kitchen. Pull Out Kitchen Faucet can be a great purchase made.

  • If style is an important factor, then it is necessary to make the selection by checking out the finish type. Chrome finish is considered to be among the most affordable faucet finish available and comes with long scratch warranty. Enamel coatings are more colored and also are affordable, but susceptible to chipping and scratches. Stainless steel faucets are bit costly but are durable and highly functional.
  • The two handle designs allow accurate temperature regulation. Providing independent control for cold and hot water tends to make temperature adjustment much easier. Single handle faucet type is also called post-mount. It operates from top mounted knob or side mounted lever. Majority of the single handled faucets tend to have pullout spouts. Pull Out Kitchen Faucet is quite popular among majority of the households. The large wing levers and cross shaped design is also popularly selected designs. Most faucets may come with different handles to be attached to the faucet body to offer customized look.
  • Four types of faucets exist in the market:
    • Compression valve: It uses rubber washes. The faucet's compression valve type is likely to leak, however can be repaired easily.
    • Cartridge faucet: Similar to the ceramic disk, it does not require much maintenance, but comes with an expensive tag.
    • Ceramic disk: It is virtually maintenance free and comes with a guarantee of not wearing out quickly. It is quite expensive.
    • Ball valves: Using steel ball, it controls water temperature and flow. They are much easier to be maintained and washerless. It is easy to replace an old one and also effortless.

Irrespective of the type selected, it is necessary to check out the finish and warranty.

  • Besides the standard straight faucet type, one can come across more spouts like the goose like spout, which is just fabulous for filling pots. The Pull Out Kitchen Faucet can be used in the sink having three bowls. It is possible to go from steam mode to spray mode with a single touch. Also is available restaurant type of models meant for the extra long hoses.

Make sure that the faucet connection easily matches with the sink holes.

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How to Set Up an Antique Towel Rack?

Towel racks are simple but practical accessories that serve the important purpose of holding your bathroom towel. There are nice vintage or antique towel rack pieces that look very attractive and are very functional as well. These can lend a touch of grace and class to your bathroom interior. Find out how to set up this type of rack in your bathroom.

Choosing the right location
It is important to pick a spot on your bathroom wall that is convenient for hanging racks. Ensure that nothing gets in the rack's way, including the door. As you will reach for the towels while on your way out of the shower, it is best for you to place the rack by the bathtub or the shower.

antique towel rack

Place it away from water
You should always ensure that your antique towel rack is placed in an area that will not get wet from jets of shower water or water dripping from above. Dripping water will cause damage to the rack and leave a small hole in your wall surface. It is important to look for a stud finder to find the stud that is nearest to the location that you want. Then keep the stud finder running in the spot until you are able to locate the stud. It will be the spot where you will be able to hang one of the rack's sides, on the stud.

Place in a good height
Once you find the right spot, you have to pick an appropriate height. It should be right for an average sized man or woman. Even if every member of your male is very tall or short, you should think about the height of guests and visitors to your home. If it is the bathroom of your child, you would like to place it on the lower side. However, if you have installed a proper stepstool for your kid, this can be ignored.


Install the rack
After you have found a proper location and a comfortable height, use a pencil to note the spot on the stud. Place an end of the rack on the marked spot, and hold another end of the rack on a horizontal line that touches the bathroom wall. Use a leveler and hold it over the rack to make sure that the antique towel rack is on a straight line. Continue to mark every spot will be located, particularly the holes for every screw.

Make holes
Drill a few screw holes on the marked spots on your wall. Ensure that the holes on the opposite stud side is bigger, to allow easy fitting of the anchors that would offer the necessary additional support to the weaker end. Hold these up and get a precise size measurement. The wide side of the anchor will face out. You can now place the towel rack in its desired spot, and put screw in both of its sides. Put a few towels and find out whether the antique towel rack holds them. If it does, your installation is complete.


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